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We have now processed all the boxes of books from recent library sales. I made 4 trips to the Salvation Army store in Newport, added about 100 to the library collection, listed more than I care to think about on, swapped at least 50 online, sent 25 boxes to Betterworld Books and gave away hundreds to patrons. It's safe to say I'm booked out right now. I just ran a review file to see how much had been added using revenues. The total comes to 908 items, broken down as follows:
Books: 302
Audio books: 77
Music CDs: 43
DVDs: 486

They have an accumulated value of more than $14,000 (and that's very conservative)  None of them cost the taxpayers a cent. How many one person libraries can make such a claim?

If you follow this blog or did follow the old newspaper column in the SV Weekly, you know we're very active in the statewide interlibrary loan process. Every time we receive an ILL request from a new library, we create a card for them. Yesterday, I looked at the cumulative number of cards issued. We've created 163 cards for other Maine libraries. I suspect that puts us near the top in terms of how many other libraries we share stuff with.

  On to this weekend. I'm heading to Massachusetts to be part of my first New England Crime Bake. This is something I've been thinking about attending for several years, but never had the time and the $$ together. I'm really excited about going for several reasons.
1-it will be fun.
2-I'm going to a couple really good workshops, Writing YA mysteries by Peter Abrahams and Pacing taught by Paul Doiron.
3-All of us who have stories in this year's Level Best anthology Stone Cold will be doing a joint book signing Saturday morning, followed by a group photo shoot.
4-I have 5 minutes to shop one of my books to an agent.
5-There's a tacky Hawaiian shirt contest on Friday night and I got the perfect one at the Newport Salvation Army store on Monday.
6-I'll meet a lot of interesting people as well as make some potentially useful connections.
7-Did I mention that it will be fun?

Here's a link to the Crime Bake website


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Rhonda Martin
Nov. 8th, 2013 04:37 am (UTC)
Making things happen
Just today John I was bragging to a young adult about how you have made the library the place to be. It's where the happening is happening in Hartland. I won't say any names or places but let's just say not all library's are the same. Some are very hum drum and feels more like a morgue. When I suggested that she go to her local library and borrow a few books because she said she was bored she stated that she didn't like going to the library. It was to quiet and eerie. Guess that tells you she has never been in the Hartland Library lol.
Now as far as your New England Crime Bake it surely sounds like a good time to me and knowing you I bet it will be.
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